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Civil cases

Our lawyers handle civil cases before general courts providing representation (by solicitors) in court proceedings. The Law Office also offers conduct litigation aimed at amicable settlement, representation during the negotiation the terms of contracts, preparation of legal opinions. Our lawyers, in particular, advise on:
- right to property, use perpetual usufruct [long-term lease] including cases related to the vacation of premises (eviction) and the release of property;

  • rental, tenancy and leasing;
  • contract law including drawing up contracts used in business transactions;
  • law of succession, including testamentary proceedings and statutory inheritance;
  • protection of personal rights;
  • enforcement proceedings;
  • proceedings on separation, divorce, alimony and distribution of property;
  • appeal and complaint proceedings in all instances, as well as regarding cassation proceedings before the Supreme Court.kże z zakresu postępowania kasacyjnego przed Sądem Najwyższym.

Contact with the law firm

If you have questions regarding legal advice or if you would like to arrange a meeting with a legal adviser, please contact the law firm.

  • (+48) 22 626-11-00
  • (+48) 22 629-47-44
  • (+48) 22 626-11-03
  • (+48) 22 626-11-04
  • (+48) 606-148-884
  • (+48) 602-506-666

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